Our Work

Web Design & Development

We develop our web based software solutions with Drupal, an open source platform for building digital experiences. We have certified Drupal Developers and Site Builders. Develop your solution using Bit Source and Drupal today. Contact us!

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People Plus

Visit Pikeville

OD Save

Bluegrass International Fund

Redd Brown & Williams

Augmented Reality

We work with Hashtag Appalachia to create an augmented reality application, using Maya for animations, Unity for augmentation, and Xcode / test flight for the application and testing. This project works with a physical trigger that’s close to the Bit Source facility and triggers an animation.​

Mobile Application

Do you want to develop a mobile application?  Have you ever thought an app would help your business? Our developers are skilled in Xamarin and C#, we create mobile applications that deploy across devices and operating systems. Hire Bit Source to develop your mobile application!