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We are an Agile Software and Website Development house, providing pragmatic problem solving, modern project management, and diligent quality assurance. Established in the wake of a devastating downturn in our region's primary economy, the coal industry, Bit Source proved that former coal miners can successfully transition to the high tech world of custom software development.  

We serve a diverse constituency from across the United States. Offering complete end-to-end solutions for Marketing, Business to Business, Mobile, and Research and Development needs in all industries and vertical markets. Bit Source is passionate about bringing a high touch approach to our work; something clients may not expect in the world of high tech.  

With a professional team of programmers, architects, designers, testers, managers, support technicians, and SCRUM masters, Bit Source brings a personal, modern, and well-rounded approach to development. Our culture is relaxed and family-friendly with an emphasis on professionalism and quality. Our slogan "A New Day,  a New Way" encapsulates our vision of re-purposing the incredible qualities of our local workforce by adopting technology, specifically software development. But there's an "old way" we'll never let go -  and that's treating our clients and our projects with respect.


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