South Kentucky Chamber of Commerce: Chamber hosts open house at Bit Source

PIKEVILLE — On August 24, the community and chamber members welcomed Eastern Kentucky’s newest technology company, Bit Source. Bit Source provided tours of the facility, product demonstrations, as well as refreshments and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the opening of what is an exciting startup business. Bit Source has committed to retraining workers from the declining mining industry. Nine of the first 10 apprentices have a connection to the mining industry, including three former underground coal miners, three former surface coal miners, and three former coal industry workers. The company is teaching computer coding and website manipulation to develop and build user-friendly websites and business-to-business interfaces. “I am a third generation coal miner,” said Jim Ratliff, a Bit Source apprentice from Johns Creek. “I was facing relocation to Wyoming, I had my blasting certification there and two days before my unemployment ran out, I got this. I would have missed my boy’s senior football season and that was not an option, so I am just thankful for this opportunity.” Bit Source is a web design, mobile application, and game design company with a highly skilled workforce that possesses both technological and real world experiences. Utilizing a heuristic approach to problem-solving enables Bit Source to provide both cutting-edge and practical solutions for their clients based upon the client’s budget and product goals. The company is passionate about bringing a high touch approach that clients deserve in today’s tech world. Offering a complete team of programmers, architects, designers, testers, managers, support technicians, and SCRUM masters, Bit Source brings a personal, modern, and well-rounded approach to development. Bit Source is a family-friendly environment made possible by the quality individuals in their cross-functional teams. Bit Source produces a diverse portfolio of high quality completed projects, develop markets for their services, and they hope to become a well-known full-service software development business. Their mission is to create a sustainable business that attracts outside investments and yields acceptable profits while providing stable jobs for Eastern Kentuckians.

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